Enhancing counter-terrorism, intelligence and policing operations using strategic real-time surveillance

The growing manifestation and linkage of terrorism with human trafficking and drug smuggling in Africa have become a growing source of concern nationally, regionally and internationally. In West Africa in particular “organised crime and terrorist activities” footprint is increasing rapidly due to the activities of the regional gangs, pirates and anti-social elements further complicating the security land scape. UNODC global report on human trafficking highlights that despite the significant improvements in the past decade there are still evolving challenges that need to be addressed with respect to homeland security in West Africa. Turning information into actionable intelligence and reduce incidents of crime remains a top priority for police, customs, border guards and homeland security forces across West Africa.

In light of this, IQPC is pleased to organise the West Africa National Security Conference 2017, designed to improve the resilience of policing and homeland security in West Africa. The conference will address specific issues such as:

  • Defending against human trafficking across West Africa by improving real time monitoring and surveillance
  • Reducing crime rates by early preventive detection of incidents and intelligence gathering
  • Turning information into actionable intelligence by installing IP surveillance platforms
  • Enhance the resilience of border and coastal security police units by improving crisis communication capabilities

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Why attend?

Opportunity to meet the pioneers in the national security industry and learning from them in an interactive setting

Hearing and learning from key decision makers in ministries, police, customs, border guards, intelligence, critical infrastructure protection officials, emergency response and homeland security officials of West African countries

Finding solutions to human trafficking and drug smuggling for the West Africa region

Learning about innovative solutions to enhance the resilience of border and coastal security

Learn how to reduce crime rates through preventative detection and intelligence gathering

Who should attend?

Heads of:

  •  Inspector Generals of Police and Gendarmerie
  •  Director General Operations
  •  Directors of Procurement
  •  Ministry of Interior Directors
  •  Heads of Immigration
  •  Border Force Commanders
  •  Directors of CIS and IT
  •  GIS Programme Managers
  •  Financial Crime Investigators
  •  Officials from Ports and Airport Authorities
  •  Directors of C3i
  •  Heads of Emergency Communication

From the following industries:

  •  Boarder Control Systems
  •  Communications
  •  Apparel and Equipment
  •  Surveillance
  •  Ground Mobility
  •  Rescue Solutions
  •  Anti-Corruption Solutions
  •  Physical Security
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